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Using TrueNAS as the Default Download Directory


This guide starts with the assumption that you have already created a Windows Share (SMB) on your TrueNAS that is accessible via a UNC path.

NOTE: If you have already created a Windows Share (SMB) your UNC path will usually be //{NAS_IP}/{Share_Name} where {NAS_IP} is the IP of the trueNAS server and {Share_Name} is the name of the Windows Share (SMB)

Step 1: Configure Guest Access

The first step required is to allow guest access to your share so that Binfer can connect without any credentials.

  • Open the TrueNAS UI and navigate to your share.  From there, select the 3 dots on the end and click ‘Edit’
  •  Select the ‘Advanced Options’ button to see the full options for the share and then check the box labeled ‘Allow Guest Access’.  Finally, save these settings

Step 2: Configure Binfer

Now that the SMB share is publicly accessible, Binfer needs to be configured to write there.

  • Log into your Binfer instance and in the left hand navigation menu select SETTINGS > DOWNLOADS
  • In the textbox under ‘Change Download Location’ set the UNC path to you TrueNAS share and click the button labeled ‘UPDATE LOCATION’

A notification will appear on the top of the screen.  If the notification says ‘Location Updated‘ this means that you have successfully configured Binfer and all new transfers and sync will use the NAS as the default download directory.  If the location cannot be set this means that Binfer still cannot connect to the NAS drive with write permissions.